Pro Wash 18

Pro Wash 18" Surface Cleaner

Part Number: PPDFSCP18GZ

Speed up cleaning when dealing with large flat areas.

The budget priced but durable 18" surface cleaner makes light work of flat surface areas such as pathways and driveways. The swivel assembly allows the nozzles to rotate eliminating any streak/line markings a traditional wand set would leave.

The built-in handle and spray gun assembly allows the operator to stand straight reducing the risk of injury.

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30 lpm maximum
Motor Type:
Motor Manufacturer:
Motor Power:
Pump Make:
Pump Model:
Pump Speed:
Max Temperature:
Hp Hose Type:
Hp Hose Length:
Hose Reel Type:
Sewer Hose:
Sewer Hose Length:
Sewer Hose Reel Type:
Detergent Pickup:
Detergent Tank Size:
Fuel Tank Size:
Water Tank Size:
Frame Type:
  • Rugged 18" ABS cover with anodized components
  • One piece balanced spray bar & portable breakaway handle
  • Fits most gas-powered pressure washers
  • Operates from 1000 PSI to 4000 PSI
  • Handles up to 30 lpm