2" Badger Pipe Cleaning Demonstration

The Badger 2” Nozzles are self-rotating swivel designed for cleaning 2" to 4" tubes and pipes with bends and long radius elbows, such as U-Tubes and process lines.

The P4 and BSPP4 tools can be used at operating pressures up to 15,000 psi (1035 bar) and the L9 tool at up to 22,000 psi (1500 bar). They can pass through elbows in 3" and larger pipe. If using the tool in 2" pipe a special shorter hose end is required to allow tool to travel through elbows.

The tools do not use any bearings, seals, or lubricating fluid. Rotation is powered by the jet thrust. The nozzle inserts used in the head determine the flow rate and the pulling force. For more details on this nozzle and the rest of our nozzle range contact your local Kerrick team. View the video demonstration below:

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