Custom Built Water Maker System for Fijian Resort


A popular resort in Fiji approached Kerrick with a need for a heavy duty desalination, water maker to replace their current system. Having a constant supply of fresh, sanitary drinking water is vital to the successful operation of the holiday resort, particularly in the rainy season when traditional water supplies can be contaminated by flooding.

Kerrick coupled an American Cat Pump desalination pump running at 820 RPM to an industrial electric motor. The water making system operated at a pressure of 850 psi with a flow of 76 lpm and featured a thermal cut out to help protect the unit from burning out, pressure switches, captive acceleration tubes to help maintain inlet pressure to the pumpand a relief valve. It also came fitted with a pulsation dampener to help reduce vibrations and issues with fluctuations in pressure. The entire system was mounted onto a galvanised skid and then packaged into a custom made crate and shipped to the resort in Fiji.

Water makers / desalinators are a vital way of life for those in the Islands or living off ships and yachts, it's therefore imperative their equipment is reliable and long lasting. To find out more about custom building water making and desalination systems contact the team at Kerrick via the website or on 0800 253 774.
 Kerrick reference: ZJOB2580

Water Maker System Control Box.

Water Maker System Control Box.

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