A Wash Down Trailer So Good the Client Bought A Second


In June 2016 Kerrick was commissioned to build a pressure washer trailer for industrial grade wash down and maintenance work (see the case study). The client was so impressed with the performance of the pressure washer trailer that they came back to Kerrick in August and commissioned a second truck mounted unit in order to keep up with the demands of their growing business.

Similar to the previous unit, the new truck water blaster was equipped with twin Honda motors and Hawk Pumps operating at 3000 psi at 21 l/min, a combination ideal for heavy duty cleaning applications. The pressure washer was equipped with a Firebox 350 boilerunit powered by a Honda Generator, for situations when hot water cleaning is required, such as removing grease, concrete splashes and dried mud. Three hose reels were supplied, two with 50m of two wire high pressure hose and one with 30m of low pressure feeder hose to refill the 450L water tank. The entire system was built on a rust resistant galvanised skid and bolted into the rear of the truck bed. This left nearly a metre of space free behind the cab of the truck to store other equipment such as toolboxes, detergents, ladders and more.

This water blaster trailer was designed to allow operators to work individually or simultaneously in order to speed up the time taken to do a job. Operators also have the choice of cleaning with either hot water or cold water, allowing them to tackle a wide range of cleaning and wash down work, with minimal additional effort.

To find out more about building a wash down system for commercial contract cleaning work give your local sales rep a call on 0800 253 774 or drop into your nearest branch.

Kerrick reference: ZJOB 2608

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